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Freedom Debt Relief Client Reviews

Tens of thousands of FDR clients have written reviews about their experience with us on many popular consumer review websites. While every client’s experience is unique, these reviews could give you an idea of what to expect if you enrolled in our program.

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    • Melissa5/12/2018

      They helped my husband and I get out of debt, so this is very much appreciated…We have a lot more money in our pocket and we can get money in our bank account which is nice, and we can get clothes for our son and have enough food in the house.

    • Marc P.5/1/2018

      I signed up with them because it was a reliable and respectable company. They have always been really helpful with my needs. I get updates with emails and phone calls. They have really helped me save money and get out of debt. I feel great about it all.

    • Amanda W.4/11/2018

      The interest on my credit cards was killing me. Freedom Debt Relief showed me there was a "light at the end of the tunnel." They've saved me $$thousands and I'm not quite half way done yet. Monthly payments are much less than the minimum I had to send creditors each month. I highly recommend Freedom Debt Relief!

    • Amanda3/20/2018

      I love the fact that I can now have some help to avoid bankruptcy and can save money on my payments and balances. I’ve been struggling every month to make ends meet. Thank you for this opportunity to have a peace of mind.

    • Cheryle6/28/2017

      I would recommend Freedom Debt Relief to everyone. In such a short time they have accomplished and saved us more than we could of done on our own. Our debt is going down and giving us savings we could of never negotiated on our own. Super friendly to work with and set your goals!

    • Deborah T.A.5/24/2018

      As a new client, FDR has given me a sense of future freedom. I feel like FDR will accomplish what I could not do on my own. They have already made me feel like part of their family and trust they have my back.

    • Mary C.5/1/2018

      I did a lot of research and I found out that a lot of debt relief services were just fraudulent. From what I read in the Better Business Bureau Freedom Debt seemed like a responsible corporation that responded well to their customer complaints even the negative ones. Overall they just seemed like a good company so I signed up. I'm glad I went with them. They really made the extra effort to make sure that I knew everything about the process what would be expected of me and even how to manage future situations. They have been very responsive to every question that I've ever had and they always return my phone calls or emails. That was the main way we communicated mostly because I had told them that was my preferred method of communication. They were able to quickly help me resolve my financial issues. I feel like I got what I paid for. Considering what they negotiated for me it was worth every penny.

    • Kathleen1/15/2018

      I cannot say enough good things about FDR! I was very scared in doing this but I was even more scared when I turned around and saw what was behind me! So I took the big leap and I am sure thankful I did! FDR has been there for me every step of the way. When I have needed a question answered they answered it. When I felt unsure of myself they explained what needed to be done and why it was being done. I would recommend FDR to anyone who is in a bad place and needs help! I have accomplished already one of my tasks and I am no longer scared to go on! Thank you FDR. You are a life-changing company!!!

    • Amanda G.1/2/2018

      I am unbelievably happy with the service I’ve received with Freedom. It’s life changing. Something like this is always a little worrisome in the beginning because there are so many scams out there. But they were sooooo transparent and honest up front about what to expect I decided to take a chance, and I have not been disappointed. In fact they have exceeded my expectations at every turn. They settled our largest debt first which I didn’t expect so the process of restoring our credit was expedited. I would happily recommend this service to anyone ESPECIALLY if you’re considering bankruptcy. This is a much better alternative in my experience.

    • Rita7/19/2017

      They kept in touch with me constantly and answered any questions I had. I was scared at first, but knew I had to get out of credit card debt. I'm just about finished working with them to complete my indebtedness, but I am so glad I took the chance to work with them. They always are there when I need them and listen to anything I need to talk about. So glad I went with FDR. I am a widow, and it was great to have all these wonderful folks working hard to help me get out of credit card debt

    • Casey G.5/23/2018

      Very pleased to have someone negotiate with creditors on my behalf. And have a much lower monthly payment, compared to the minimum payment we were making with our credit card debt. Extremely pleased. Freedom Debt Relief is the real deal.

    • Brian S.5/1/2018

      At the time I was retired and working a part time job. I was having problems getting the hours that I needed to pay back my debt so I signed up for a program with Freedom Debt to reduce the debts I had. A long time ago about 18 years ago I had to declare bankruptcy so I feel good about going with them instead of going through that again. The people there are always helpful and able to accomplish whatever I need. Everybody seems to know what they are doing and they are usually able to help me out. If I want to I can check online to see how much is being paid which accounts are being resolved and just keep track of everything. It's a program that I can afford. I had a substantial amount of creditors and debt and this has been a solution that has worked well for me. I can handle it all without having a full time job.

    • Charles C.3/24/2018

      Wish I would of got ahold of Freedom Debt Relief sooner. I had got myself into some debt and couldn’t seem to dig my self out. Very stressful situation but as soon as I got ahold of Freedom Debt Relief I provided them with some info and they took care of the rest right away all I had to do was make a monthly payment and the monthly payment was actually a lot cheaper then what I was paying monthly for all of my debt. Best decision I have made.

    • Peg3/23/2018

      It has been such a relief having the stress taken off my shoulders by Freedom Debt Relief. Everyone I have interacted with have been very kind and professional. I am very pleased with the results! It is affordable and it’s a little party for me when each debt gets resolved. I would highly recommend this agency to anyone looking for help with overwhelming debt.

    • Linda12/20/2017

      Life throws you a curveball and no matter how much you think that you are prepared you are not. That is what my story is about. I turned to Freedom Debt Relief to help me with my finances. They worked with me and my creditors to resolve my debt. Very pleased with everyone that we have worked. I now will have a monthly payment that I can handle and be out of debt.

    • Elizabeth S.5/29/2018

      The team at FDR have been so friendly and very patient. I didn’t know where to turn and hadn’t any idea that a company like FDR existed. They helped me weigh my options and talked it out with me until I understood completely where I was with my finances. I never felt pressured or made to feel inept about the process. I now can sleep at night and feel like there is a team of people who will be there for me as I go through this process.

    • Tina M.4/27/2018

      My experience with Freedom Debt Relief has been amazing! They have been extremely helpful kind and reassuring! They have helped me in many different ways. They are very helpful when it comes to different situations! They do not make me feel bad about being in need of debt help. They have helped me realize that I do matter when it comes to needing help and not getting bogged down by the creditors. The most important thing was that they helped me see that as long as I was making the monthly payments the creditors would not help me. It is okay to ask for help and not feel guilty about it.

    • Dortha4/10/2018

      From the 1st contact, I was treated with respect and dignity. Thank you for helping me to resolve my debt. They walk you thru each step, are very patient and kind. I am glad I choose Freedom as my debt settlement company. Thanks again.

    • Annette3/17/2018

      They are very attentive to my needs and concerns, and compassionate. The customer service is excellent. They take the time to explain every detail until you're satisfied with the answers to your questions. They work fast and start settling your debts right away. I would recommend everyone to freedom debt relief become it's exactly what you feel... relief!!! I pray over the whole team every night and thank GOD for "Freedom Debt Relief".

    • Jacqueline P.1/12/2018

      Freedom Debt Relief has been the best thing to me since sliced bread. A friend referred me, but it took a while before I contacted them. Very skeptical. With the weight of the world on my shoulders and credit cards galore, I said, "what do I have to lose." Getting started was extremely easy, the representative treated me like we have been friends for years. Thank you Freedom Debt for helping ME!

    • Cindy D.6/3/2018

      I was very happy with the ease and the great customer service. It only took a few minutes to find out if I qualified. I wish this service was available when I had to take bankruptcy in the past. It took such a load off our minds about trying to pay our credit cards.

    • Toni5/8/2018

      Great!!. At first a little concerned had lots of questions, but more just due to the fact of the situation. They are always there and very helpful. They make sure to put you to rest. Very professional and caring. I have already made progress and started resolving my debt. I wish I had not hesitated and started earlier.

    • Rebecca O.4/30/2018

      I've only been in the program a few months and the progress is amazing. They have already negotiated a settlement with one of my creditors. The FDR staff has all been extremely helpful and pleasant to talk to. I would recommend FDR to anyone struggling to meet there high monthly payments.

    • Sherman D.3/16/2018

      Freedom debt relief was there for me when I much needed their help. I was scared at first because I had all these creditors hounding me every day. When the program started moving forward I was shocked at how fast things started to roll.

    • Brittany2/15/2018

      The process from start to finish was super quick and super efficient! I never thought I could finish paying off my debt as fast as I did with FDR. From the initial contact to the final payoff I always knew where I stood with my accounts. No surprises!!

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